Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful combination of rugged CPVC High Pressure 150 psi
pipes and fittings, plus six vertical elements arranged as
a three elements Bobtail vertical array, with a three elements reflectors at about 0.18 wavelength separation.
Few with 50 ohms coaxial cable, using a 6 turns RF choke made of RG59U coax cable wound on a small length of 50 mm or
2 inches diameter CPVC pipe....

The SWR is carefully set to the center of the 2 meters band
that you use most... This is an ideal home built antenna that
can be made at low cost and using readily available materials...
The vertical elements can be made from aluminum tubing
of about 10 millimeters diameter to make it enjoy the
benefits of a large diameter pipe that provides wider bandwidth...

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